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Jul 08, 2019
  • Circular Economy
  • Waste Reduction

Green Key: an ecoresponsible label for the tourist sector

Hotels and restaurants produce large quantities of very diverse types of waste: plastic packaging, wood and metal from end-of-life furniture, textile waste, organic waste from leftover food and yard waste. For the players in this sector, adopting more sustainable practices entails overcoming certain fears and constraints specific to their activities: How to reconcile the management of biowaste with the strict health regulations? How to reconcile sorting, which requires additional and specific waste bins, with the limited space available in kitchens? How to train the personnel, that varies from one season to another, in sustainable practices, etc.? Green Key is the first French and international sustainable label for tourism. It helps players in the industry with their environmental initiatives and their efforts to develop a more ecologically virtuous and socially responsible tourism. We meet Nathalie Bel Baussant, Green Key’s Country Manager.

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