An Ocean of Drops of water

On 1 October 2019, SUEZ will launch its first “Ocean of Drops of water” call for projects in Western France (Normandy, Brittany, Pays de la Loire, Centre Val de Loire).

The goal of this call for projects is to promote initiatives that help to protect the oceans and fresh water. It will be open to schools, NGOs and organisations, whose actions contribute to the conservation of water resources in Western France*. Cleaning up beaches or riverbanks, raising awareness of the protection of the quality of seawater and river water, flood prevention, conservation of the ecosystems around water masses, etc. All the eligible themes and the procedure for applications as of 1 October 2019 can be found on our “Challenges” page.


*Western France: Normandy, Brittany, Pays de la Loire, Centre Val de Loire


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