A charitable association that brings objects back to life

Award winner

“La Recyclade” is the first charitable recycling facility in Dijon. The project aims to open a second sales outlet in Dijon.

“La Recyclade” gives objects a second lease of life

By helping to extend the lifespan of goods, and raising awareness amongst citizens of the prevention of waste, recycling plants make an important contribution to the local circular economy. 

“La Recyclade”, which was set up in 2017, is currently the only organisation of this type in the Dijon area. Its mission can be summed up in four points:

  • Collecting common objects and furniture that people can dispose of by dropping them off at the project’s shop, or having them collected at home,
  • Restoring objects (cleaning, repairing, bringing back to life, etc.),
  • Selling whatever is in a decent condition in the members’ store at discount prices,
  • Raising awareness of the sustainable development of the planet, in particular by organising upcycling workshops to create objects from wooden pallets, transform textiles or learn how to repair small household appliances. 

A local project that is helping to reduce waste

“La Recyclade” brought more than 25 tonnes of objects back to life in 2018, thereby helping to reduce local waste, while also creating two permanent jobs. Today, the organisation is taking another step forward by opening a second shop in Dijon that will heighten its social and environmental impact.


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