A local biowaste collection solution for restaurants and shops

Award winner
Challenge: Call for innovative solutions for the circular economy in Dijon
Awardee(s): La Chaîne Verte

“La Chaîne Verte” proposes a biowaste collection service by bike for restaurants and shops in Dijon city centre. The biowaste is collected, composted and reused locally.

Helping professionals to recover their biowaste

Biowaste accounts for about 30% of total household refuse, and its recovery represents a new resource for the production of energy or matter that can be used in agriculture, such as compost.

While Dijon already boasted a composting network for its private inhabitants, there was no specific service available for professionals located in the city centre. Which is the reason why “La Chaîne Verte” is trying to develop a collection service that uses bicycles to collect biowaste from the restaurants and shops in Dijon city centre and recovers it to produce compost for local farmers and residents. This solution is part of the local “Zéro Déchet Zéro Gaspi” initiative. It will also raise awareness amongst restaurant owners and the general public of food waste, sorting and composting.

A solution working for the local circular economy

La Chaîne Verte” proposes a virtuous and sustainable economic model that will create circuits between the different local players (farmers, shop-owners, NGOs, etc.) and offer a local alternative to chemical fertilisers for nearby farmers.


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