Abidjan: a digital project of waste management on mobile phones

Award winner
Challenge: 6th edition of the SUEZ-Institut de France Award
Awardee(s): Coliba - C+ Propre


Rewarded by the SUEZ-Institut de France Award in the Social Entrepreneurship Category, the project launched by the group of French-Ivorian startups COLIBA and C+Propre, aims to encourage households to effectively manage the disposal of their waste using a smartphone payment application.

Sorting waste with digital technology

The service on offer from COLIBA and C+Propre is an innovative waste pre-collection, sorting and recovery solution.

The inhabitants of Abidjan can use an application on their smartphones to order identifiable and specific bin bags for household waste or sorting. The bags are collected by pre-collectors that previously operated on an informal basis.  The collection is made easier thanks to a geo-tracking tool. .

The price paid by the users includes the bin bag and its transportation to the nearest skip. A points-based incentive system enables households that sort their waste properly to exchange their points for various products and services (telephone credit, staple products, cosmetics, etc.).

Once in the skip, the household waste is disposed of by the waste collector-carrier (public utility or private contractor).

PET (1) waste is recovered and transformed into raw materials that are sold to local industry.

Conclusive first results

Launched at the start of 2018, the project already enables 1 tonne of plastic waste to be collected every day. 15 pre-collectors and two relay managers have been recruited.
COLIBA, which is in charge of the recovery of the PET waste, will gradually introduce offers to recover other products, such as paperboard or aluminium.

The awarded team

COLIBA is an African start-up created in 2017, which makes use of technology for plastic waste recycling via a Web, Mobile and Text Message application. C+Propre is a French-Ivorian  cleantech start-up that aims to improve the pre-collection of waste, while protecting jobs in the sector. This awarded project combines the strengths of these two companies: COLIBA is responsible for waste sorting and recovery whilst CPROPRE is responsible for subscription management and waste pre-collection services

(1) polyethylene terephthalate. A plastic used mainly to make bottles, flasks, jars, films, sheets, fibres…


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