Amman commits to the sustainable management of water

As-Samra wastewater treatment plan

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Jordan ranks as the world’s fourth water-poorest country, with only 157 m3 per capita per year. In this context, the As-Samra wastewater treatment plant is a key element of the country’s strategy to preserve water.

The As-Samra wastewater treatment plant (1) located in Jordan is a key component of the strategy adopted by the national authorities to protect the country’s water resources. Jordan is the fourth most arid country in the world, and is faced with rising water stress. The plant, built and operated by SUEZ, processes more than 70% of all wastewater treated in the country and covers 10% of agriculture’s needs for water.

The plant is almost energy self-sufficient, thanks to the hydraulic turbines installed upstream (2) and downstream (4) of the facility, and the co-generators (3), fuelled by the biogas produced by sludge digestion. The plant produces almost 80% of the electricity required by the treatment processes, while the remaining 20% comes from the national grid.

As-Samra wastewater treatment plant

This article was published in the fourth issue of open_resource magazine: “The circular economy era


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