Organix®, the platform to trade organic waste on the Internet


© Jérôme Meyer-Bisch

In an increasingly circular economy, and while more than one-third of the food produced worldwide goes to waste every year, organic waste is a precious resource.

Declassified grains of wheat, products that have passed their best-by date or are outsized and excess milk, meat and vegetables can all be recovered to produce biogas and biomethane, which are both renewable and local energy sources. But even today, it can be difficult to find a reliable and flexible supply source, because regulations are changing all the time, the logistics are complex and the tight deadlines leave little room for flexibility.

Designed and developed by SUEZ, Organix® is an innovative web platform that aims to simplify the management of organic waste by bringing together the producers (operators in the agrifood industry, cooperatives) and the transformers (waste-to-energy users and operators). On the one hand, the producers of the organic matter make an offer, with details of the price, the quantity and the nature of the flows and on the other, the waste-to-energy operators can either accept the offer immediately, or take part in an auction-like sale. Transactions on this 24/7 platform are fully secured. SUEZ guarantees the quality and traceability of the materials and provides the logistics and transport.

By simplifying the relations between buyers and sellers, Organix® encourages the recovery of waste as new resources, and contributes to the energy transition of our regions.

This article was published in the fifth issue of open_resource magazine: “The resource management in the digital age”.


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