ChangeNOW Summit: focus on three innovative materials emerging from the circular economy

The third edition of the ChangeNOW summit will take place at the Grand Palais in Paris from 30 January to 1 February 2020! The event will bring together players from the world of innovation, presenting positive-impact solutions in response to the major social and environmental challenges of this century. These solutions include initiatives by start-ups developing new environmentally-friendly materials. Here we focus on three of them.

Recyc Leather: a recycled leather made from off-cuts

Recyc Leather recycles calfskin off-cuts, previously destined for destruction, from a Chinese factory producing gardening gloves. The material obtained is a blend of 60% leather off-cuts, 30% latex and 10% synthetic materials, including pigments. Environmentally friendly and 100% traceable, this recycled leather has already attracted attention from many brands in the fashion, design and decoration industries.

Sustonable: a new type of 100% recyclable composite

The Sustonable start-up offers a 100% reusable material made of quartz and recycled PET with the appearance of natural stone. Stronger than granite, the new material can be used to make kitchen worktops, tiles or an alternative to glass for the bathroom. Added bonus: the design of the material can be customised!

SCALE: materials made from marine co-products

Scalite® is a new biodegradable, biosourced material produced by the start-up SCALE from fish scales, an abundant, renewable  co-product of the fishing industry which is not much recycled. Produced in sheet form, Scalite® is a rigid, dense material available in several colours and with a marbled or uniform appearance.

Produced with a low-energy process, the material can be recycled and transformed into new Scalite®.



Find out more about the event and the innovative solutions on display at the ChangeNOW Summit website.


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