ChimEco: natural depollution

Award winner
Challenge: 4th edition of the Action for Water Resources call for projects
Awardee(s): ChimECO Laboratory

The project is centred on the development of an ecological process to treat industrial effluents using a plant-based filter.

Treatment at source of polluting metallic elements

In partnership with the Klorane Foundation, ChimEco laboratory is developing a plant-based filter capable of depolluting water contaminated by metallic elements at source, thanks to an ecological and bio-inspired technology. The goal is to conserve and restore the quality of aquatic systems exposed to climatic vagaries using natural and effective solutions.

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The recovery of metallic elements: an example of the circular economy

The project of the ChimEco laboratory convinced the jury with its highly innovative dimension, the adoption of an approach based on the circular economy and the use of nature to treat pollution related to  human activities, such as mining and quarrying.

The prize-winning team

The laboratory of bio-inspired chemistry and Ecological innovations, or ChimEco, is a joint research unit set up by the CNRS and the University of Montpellier. Its activities focus on the unusual combination of phytotechnologies applied to depollution, the ecological remediation of degraded sites (soil and water) and the application of these processes through ecocatalysis, a sustainable, innovative and bio-inspired branch of chemistry. The result will contribute to the development of the current scientific, economic and environmental priorities of ecological innovations.


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