Circularity: the open source card game to raise awareness of sorting

Sorting is the essential first step of any waste recycling and reuse process. But in 2014, only one half of the French systematically sorted their waste. On the occasion of the OSCEdays, in an effort to raise awareness of the potential of recovering household waste, and to encourage people to sort their waste, SUEZ, Future of Waste and Game Impact have developed an open source card game that can be downloaded, printed and modified: Circularity.

Creative Commons licence:
Circularity, by Katia Luthi & Mathieu Lagadec in collaboration with SUEZ, is made available according to the licencing terms Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.
Licence Creative Commons

Discover below the card game; the rules and the source files of the game are available on the dedicated article.
  • CIRCULARITY - Full card game (in French only) 4MB | pdf


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