Improving access to drinking water by harvesting water from fog

Award winner
Challenge: 6th edition of the SUEZ-Institut de France Award
Awardee(s): Dar Si Hmad Association

Rewarded by the SUEZ-Institut de France Award in the Access to Essential Services Category, this project aims to supply drinking water to the arid settlements in south-west Morocco by harvesting water from fog

A unique project in North Africa.

The project uses the new CloudFishers© technology to collect, store and filter fog water in order to supply the arid settlements in south-west Morocco. Fog harvesting nets are installed at the summit of Mount Boutmezguida, the highest mountain in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas, and collect more than 20 litres/day/m2 . The water collected is mixed with borehole water and distributed to local villages.

In 2018, 14 villages benefit from this water, representing approximately 660 permanent residents, as well  as a further 600 persons in a situation of “transhumance” who return to the region during the harvesting region. 

A social and environmental impact

In addition to its technologically innovative aspects, the project also addresses social and environmental issues. Women, who are traditionnaly responsible for collecting water for all uses, save up to 3.5 hours of work per day. 
By lowering the pressure placed on the water resource by communities, the collection of fog water also contribute to reforesting land. 

The awarded team

Dar Si Hmad, created in 2010, is a Moroccan non-governmental, non-profit organization whose missions are geared towards education, integration and the use of technological ingenuity. Its approach: to promote local culture in low-income communities in South West Morocco and create sustainable initiatives in order to help populations to learn and prosper.


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