The Mobile Learning Bus

Award winner
Challenge: 3rd edition of the Action for Water Resources call for projects
Awardee(s): Les Fourmis Vertes

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The “Fourmis Vertes” association travels the country in its converted Mobile Learning Bus to introduce people to a more ecological behaviour on a daily basis.

Both social and environmental: the urban “educology”

The goal of this project is to deconstruct the preconceptions about hygiene and cleanliness that contribute to the deterioration of water quality and the increase in environmental and sanitary risks.

The strengths of the Mobile Learning Bus

The versatility and flexibility of this initiative enable it to reach out to even the most remote audiences by working with social actors in the regions. In a playful atmosphere based on dialogue and concrete exercises, the instructors establish close and trustful ties with the inhabitants to demonstrate how everyone can benefit economically and eco-logically from adopting “soft housework” practices.

View the interview with Marie-Noëlle Botte, the Director of the “Fourmis Vertes” association (French only):

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The winning team

Les Fourmis Vertes has been spreading the word about better use of resources and raising awareness of environmental protection amongst the young and the old alike for more than 10 years.

Les Fourmis Vertes travels all over the country at the invitation of local authorities and social housing organisations to teach all categories of audiences how to behave more ecologically on a daily basis.


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