Waste & Recovery

Acting for Natural Capital Program – 2020 edition on “Biodiversity and nature-based solutions”

Ended: May 25, 2020 Metropolitan France and the French overseas territories

Stakes and objectives

The “Acting for Natural Capital” programme rewards projects in France that contribute to the conservation of the environment and resources, in the fields of water and waste recovery.

The programme’s theme for 2020 is “Biodiversity and nature-based solutions”. Applicants must demonstrate how their project addresses the issue of conserving biodiversity or restoring ecosystem services, or how the project uses nature-based solutions.


Two categories of awards are on offer to the applicants:

  • technical and digital innovation,
  • societal innovation.


The members of the jury will also offer and define a special “Favourite” award.

Who can apply ?

This call for projects is open to: companies (start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises) and entrepreneurs ; educational establishments, universities and research laboratories ; NGOs; organisations from the social and inclusive economy (foundations, cooperatives, etc.); ...

The project owner must be able to demonstrate the legal existence of their organisation right from the application phase.The organisations must be at least 1 year old.


The projects must meet all the following criteria to be eligible:

  • the project is situated in metropolitan France and/or the French overseas territories ; 
  • the project is related to this year’s theme - Biodiversity and nature-based solutions ; 
  • the project fits into at least one of the two categories of awards (Technical and digital innovation or Societal innovation);
  • the feasibility of the project within no more than 3 years can be demonstrated ;
  • the contribution to the common good is clear.


Please refer to the regulations of the call for projects for the precise conditions applying to applications.

Key steps

  • Opening of the call for projects= Monday 17 February 2020

  • Deadline for applications = Monday 25 May 2020

In view of the current context, the closing date for the call for projects is extended until 25 May next.
Your applications are welcome!


  • Processing of files and selection of projects to be auditioned = from March to the end of June 2020

  • Audition of the pre-selected applicants = beginning of July 2020 (to be confirmed)

  • Awards ceremony = beginning of October 2020, in parallel of the Biodiversity and Economy Forum




The call for projects will donate a total amount of €100,000 that will be divided up  between the three awards according to the selected projects and their needs. The donation allocated to each prize-winner will be paid under the terms of a partnership agreement between SUEZ and the project owner, that will last a maximum of 3 years and will define the conditions of payment and ccounterparts.

In addition to the financial donation, the prize-winners will benefit from:

  • support for the implementation of their project in the form of expertise provided by SUEZ Group employees (the expertise provided will be defined under the terms of the agreement);
  • the production of two videos of the project that will be broadcast on the SUEZ Group networks (one video presenting the project, and one video of feedback after the completion of the project).

Each project will also be sponsored by a member of the jury, depending on the category, and scientific guidance will be provided by a single point of contact in the SUEZ Group.

  • Financial support
  • Support
  • Visibility

Projects review

All projects will be studied by a team of internal evaluators made up of multidisciplinary SUEZ experts. This team will examine and select all the applications submitted to the jury. It will follow-up with the winners, ensure their promotion and the proper development of their project.

The jury will be made up of SUEZ managers and external multidisciplinary experts.

Challenge documentation (in French only)

  • CommentPostuler 115 KB pdf

  • PageDeGarde (1) 81 KB pdf

  • Fiche synthétique_Nom de la structure 191 KB pdf

  • Présentation complète_Nom de la structure 236 KB pdf

  • agir pour le capital naturel Synthese 1023 KB pdf

  • Règlement_ProgrammeAGIR_Edition2020 236 KB pdf

How to apply?

Applications should only be sent to the dedicated email address between 17 February 2020 and 29 March 2020: