Restoring the forest ecosystem in New Caledonia

Award winner
Challenge: 4th edition of the Action for Water Resources call for projects
Awardee(s): The Nouméa Research for Development Institute, the ONF International organisation and the Cèmi Acuut A Mulip NGO

This project aims to restore the forest in the Haccinem drinking water catchment basin in northern New Caledonia with a view to preventing the impact of extreme climatic events.

Forest ecosystems: guaranteeing resilience against extreme climatic events

The project being developed by these three players consists of restoring the forest in the Haccinem drinking water catchment basin, in the locality of Tuo Cèmuhî (Touho), with a view to preventing the impact of extreme climatic events. The thick and humid forest act as buffer for the production of quality drinking water in case ofextreme climatic events, such as cyclones and drought. Faced with the deterioration of the forestby fires and invasive exotic species, the project is calling on the local Melanesian communities to take part in the restoration effort and to measure the impact of this actions in the face of these types of events.

Securing water supply through participative reforestation

The project enables to highlightand quantifythe role of forests in the water cycle using hydro-sedimentary measurements, with a view to improving water management and the resilience of the drinking water supply. The Haccinem drinking water catchment basin in Touho is protected against extreme climatic events thanks to the reforestation of the forest. 

The prize-winning team

The Institute of Research for Development (IRD) is a French research organisation that has been focussing its research on the relationship between Man and his environment for more than 65 years. The Nouméa IRD’s research activities specifically target subjects related to the situation of islands in the face of global changes, such as climate change. ONF International is an environmental consulting firm specialised in the sustainable management of ecosystems, and forests in particular, and the fight against the greenhouse effect. Founded in 1997, as an extension of the French state forestry commission (ONF), ONFI is tasked with enhancing the ONF’s expertise outside France. The Caledonian Cèmi Acuut A Mulip NGO plays a role in the protection and preservation of forests by developing nurseries to reforest degraded zones and raising local awareness in order to combat wildfires.


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