open_resource magazine n°4 - the circular economy era

open_resource magazine n°4

The circular economy era

open_resource magazine is a 6-monthly publication, dedicated to the resource revolution.

A revolution that, much like the industrial revolution in the past, is profoundly changing our lifestyle, our behaviour as consumers and our modes of production. The world is growing, so it is essential, right now, to adopt a radically new approach based upon the circular management of our increasingly scarce natural resources.

SUEZ is convinced that innovation, collaboration between players and collective intelligence are the driving forces behind this change. With this magazine, SUEZ aims to promote the great thoughts and solutions proposed by all those who are imagining and conceiving the future of the resource.

For this fourth issue, SUEZ has chosen the theme of the circular economy. As one of the major issues of the 21st century and of our activities, the circular economy offers an opportunity to “reconcile growth and environment.” Linear economy has been dominant for many years following this pattern: extract, produce, consume and throw away. But today, we need a change of paradigm with the circular economy: a virtuous model that creates economic, social and environmental value, while conserving our natural resources. The aim? To stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, to encourage collective intelligence and collaboration, to promote local experiments, to favour use rather than possession… So that, in the future, raw materials are systematically recycled and recovered, wastewater is always reused and that the waste produced by one becomes the resource of the other.

Let’s be more imaginative and innovative than ever before, and rise to this challenge together. And help the resource revolution to progress.

Enjoy reading open_resource magazine !

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