Waste & Recovery

The Fondation SUEZ

Ended: Oct 31, 2019 International

Stakes and objectives

Among its various areas of intervention, the Fondation SUEZ supports concrete actions to promote access to essential services (water, sanitation and waste) for disadvantaged people in developing countries.

The Fondation SUEZ structures its actions according to a set of basic principles:

  • The active implication of the populations concerned, which constitutes the first step towards achieving their autonomy,
  • The reinforcement of knowledge and expertise, via awareness-raising and training for all of the stakeholders: populations and local players,
  • The sustainability of the projects,
  • Support for innovation,
  • A joint commitment with partners, according to a relationship based on mutual respect, a listening ear and joint development.

The Fondation SUEZ focuses its action on disadvantaged populations in developing countries, in rural areas as well as in precarious or peri-urban neighbourhoods.  

Who can apply?

The Fondation supports projects proposed by project initiators with an associative legal status and which have been legally established for at least one year prior to the date of the submission of the project application. The Fondation does not support projects developed by individuals.

Key steps

Requests for support and financing can be submitted at any moment. They are processed according to the following schedule: 

  • 30 April 2019: project applications received before this date are be presented at the Board of Directors Meeting in October, depending on the results of their initial assessment.
  • 31 October 2019: project applications received before this date are be presented at the Board of Directors Meeting in April, depending on the results of their initial assessment. 

Within this context, and given the application processing timeframe:

  • the start date for insertion projects must be a minimum of 6 months following the date of project submission; 
  • it is recommended that insertion projects span at least one civil or one school year. 


The selected projects get a donation of funds and skills.

  • Funding
  • Support

Projects review

Applications follow a three-stage selection process:

  1. Pre-selection
    The Fondation team examines applications according to a set of technical, financial, geographical, operational, time- and governance-related criteria…
  2. Assessment
    The applications selected are transferred for the opinion of 4 SUEZ employees, who, on a voluntary basis, use their expertise to assess the projects in keeping with project eligibility criteria.
  3. Decision
    Pre-selected projects are submitted to the Fondation’s decision-making bodies for selection and final approval. A partnership agreement is then signed, and a referent is appointed among the people having assessed the project

Challenge documentation

  • Fondation-SUEZ-Criteria-3-areas-EN-nov-2017 38 KB pdf