open_resource magazine n°3 _ the oceans, future of the blue planet

open_resource magazine n°3

The oceans, future of the blue planet

open_resource magazine is a 6-monthly publication, dedicated to the resource revolution.

A revolution that, much like the industrial revolution in the past, is profoundly changing our lifestyle, our behaviour as consumers and our modes of production. In a developing world, it is essential right now to adopt a radically new approach based upon the circular management of our increasingly scarce resources.

Ocean conservation is the theme chosen by SUEZ for the third issue of this magazine. Urbanisation of coastlines, plastic pollution, acidification and increase of the water temperature... Both global warming and human activity have numerous impacts on the oceans, representing a threat to marine ecosystems that are essential to the way our planet works. Oceans cover almost 71% of the surface of the Earth, they provide almost 15% of animal proteins for more than four billion people worldwide. They absorb about 30% of the CO2 emissions caused by human activity and therefore regulate the climate.

We must take urgent action to conserve and regenerate this essential resource. Let’s be more imaginative and innovative than ever before, and rise to this challenge together.

And help the resource revolution to progress.

Enjoy reading open_resource magazine!

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