A cycling route to raise awareness of the wetlands' preservation

Award winner
Challenge: 3rd edition of the Action for Water Resources call for projects
Awardee(s): The Loire Océane, Logne and Grand-Lieu permanent centres for environmental initiatives (CPIE) and the Hirondelle Association

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The goal of the project is to help people discover the wetlands in the Loire Atlantique department by building a cycling route.

Interconnected ecotourism for the wetlands' preservation

The project involves the construction of a 150-km cycling route connected to existing routes and the public transport network that will allow the people to discover different kinds of wetlands.

The route will highlight the challenges of protecting the local biodiversity and wetlands by adopting a playful and educational approach.

A project rooted in the region

The experience is brought to life through a number of activities accessible through a mobile application. This strictly local operation is supported by the Loire Atlantique departmental authority and the Loire-Bretagne water management agency. It is part of a network of local partners.

View the interview with Laurence Dupont, Project Manager at the Loire Océane CPIE (in French only):

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The winning team

The initiative is driven by a trio of associations specialised in supporting local sustainable development projects and environmental education projects:

  • The Loire Océane CPIE, which covers a territory stretching from the Loire river to the Vilaine river, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Breton fault.
  • The Logne et Grand-Lieu CPIE, which operates in the south of the department, in the heart of the Breton marshes and lake Grand-Lieu, which forms the transition between northern Vendée and the southern edge of the city of Nantes.
  • The Hirondelle association working for the protection of the environment in the Pays de Retz Atlantique, which connects Brittany to Vendée - to the west of Nantes, along the Atlantic coast.

Permanent centres for environmental initiatives (CPIE) are associations that manage awareness-raising, training, research & development and local environmental projects.


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