Urb’Advanced: short circuits for a better resource management


© Thomas Vieille

The increasing scarcity of resources and demographic and urban growth have prompted local authorities to rethink how they manage resources, by adopting a “sober” approach to their use that is adapted to the specific local circumstances. Local authorities and real estate developers can use the Urb’Advanced solution, developed by SUEZ, to simulate alternative scenarios for the management of water, waste and energy flows. The goal is to imagine new synergies to engage the environmental transition on a city-wide and regional scale.

This solution simultaneously explores the impacts of different techniques: recovering heat from wastewater to heat the local swimming pool, installing garden roofs to optimise the control of rainwater, installing solar panels to supply hot water to dwellings, transforming organic waste into compost for parks and gardens, etc. Urb’Advanced studies the cycles of three flows—energy, water and waste—and the technical solutions that best meet the concrete issues facing a given region: how to reduce water consumption, how to promote clean energy, how to favour short circuits? While keeping the capital outlay and operating costs under control…

Users can benefit from the scenarios proposed by Urb’Advanced to identify the solutions that will best achieve the region’s ambitions. This innovative tool draws its inspiration from technical sciences and engineering, social and human sciences and urban development.

Find the full article in the second issue of open_resource magazine: “Shaping resourceful cities


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