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About open_resource

About open_resource

open_resource is the platform by SUEZ, a world leader in water and waste management, to encourage action and innovation in the sustainable management of resources.

At SUEZ, we engage in the resource revolution to reinvent the way we manage resources, in a drive to switch from a linear development model that overconsumes resources, to a circular model that recycles and reuses them.

This resource revolution is such a major challenge that no-one can take it up alone. Innovation and collaboration between all the players are essential.

This platform, dedicated to researchers, engineers, NGOs, start-ups, curious visitors and enthusiastic elected representatives, is intended for anyone who wants to take action in favour of ever scarcer natural resources, and to share the solutions that will shape the future.

What for?

  • To gather: open_resource invites you to join an active and creative community that is committed to a sustainable and circular economy of resources.
  • To inspire: open_resource aims to share solutions and points of view of the people who are helping to imagine and design the future of resources. Read insights, columns, studies, etc.
  • To involve: join the resource revolution by taking part in calls for projects organised by SUEZ or its partners.

What topics does it cover?

open_resource covers a broad range of essential subjects related to resource management, including:

  • the development of new recycling processes;
  •  support for the environmental transition of cities and businesses;
  • solutions in the fight against water stress;
  • put the digital revolution at the service of resource management, etc.

If you are creative, optimistic, cooperative and bold...then open_resource is your platform.