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Community guidelines

Community guidelines

These guidelines form an integral part of the General Terms of Use.



1. Website objectives, themes covered and features

2. Code of Conduct

3. Intellectual property

4. Moderation


1. Website objectives, themes covered and features

                a) Objectives and themes covered

open_resource is a web platform dedicated to the resource revolution. The main objectives of this public web platform are to:

  •  unite: open_resource aims to create an active and creative community that is committed to a sustainable and circular resource economy.
  • inspire: open_resource shares solutions and points of view of the people who are helping to imagine and design the future of resources: testimonies, op-eds, studies, etc.
  • involve: open_resource gathers challenges organized by SUEZ and its partners.

open_resource facilitates discussions ;  it is intended for all those who contribute, with their knowledge and ingenuity,  to meet the challenges of the resource revolution. The range of topics covered is inherently broad and constantly changing. It encompasses: new recycling processes; the environmental transition of cities and companies; solutions to combat water stress ; and the harnessing of the digital revolution for the benefit of resource management, etc.

              b) Website Users and Members

i. Website Users

The Users of the open_resource Website are internet users who visit the Website without creating a member account on the Website. Users have access to the Website's various sections (Challenges, Blog, Resource_center, Agenda). They can read, download, and share the Website's content.

ii. Website Members

Users can create a profile on the Website. In so doing they become Members of the open_resource community and have access to a personalised home page that reflects their centres of interest.

They then have a profile sheet on the Website that contains the information that they have entered. This profile allows Members to carry out the following actions:

  • Liking and commenting on an article, document, event or prize-winning project
  • Liking and commenting on a comment on some of the aforementioned content
  • Following a Contributing Member
  • Submitting a project to a Challenge proposed on the Website

Contributing Members can publish articles or documents in the Blog  and Resource_center sections.

             c) Main features of the Website

i. Challenges section:

This section offers the Website's Users and Members access to current and past collaborative initiatives organized by the SUEZ Group, its subsidiaries, its Foundation, and to collaborative initiatives in which the SUEZ Group, its subsidiaries and its Foundation are partners. Each Challenge has its own regulations.

The Challenges section also presents the winning projects from previous Challenges.

ii. Resource_center section

This section offers Users of the open_resource Website a library of documents that cover issues relating to the resource revolution.

iii. Blog  section

The Blog section offers points of view, forums and articles on issues relating to the resource revolution. It also presents solutions that address challenges relating to resources.

iv. Events section

The Events section presents a selection of highlights and meetings relating to the resource revolution.

             d) Rules applicable to profiles and comments

i. Visibility

By default, Members' profiles are visible for all Website Users as soon as they contribute to the Website by publishing content (a comment, article or document). Members can restrict the visibility of their profile to the Community's members by activating the dedicated option in their personal settings.

ii. Closing an account

Members can delete their accounts at any time. Deleting an account entails deleting the Member's profile and all the associated personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the Website's Privacy Policy. Deleting a Member's account will not result in the deletion of the content that he has published on the Website.

iii. Deleting content

A Member with an account can delete the comments that he has published on the Website at any time. He can also ask the open_resource team to delete his content (articles, documents, or comments if he has deleted his account) through the contact form on the Website or by sending a request by email to

Deleting a comment will result in the deletion of all the associated responses and comments.

2. Code of Conduct

            a) Compliance with the code of conduct

The Members of the open_resource Website must comply with three major principles:

  • Respect: Members must respect the rights of all the other Members of the open_resource Website, and their diverse opinions. When accessing the open_resource Website, Members also undertake to read and comply with these Guidelines.
  • Honesty: the open_resource Website is a venue for discussion and sharing. The Members undertake to be honest as regards their identity and the information that they provide on the Website.
  • Professionalism: The Members undertake to behave in a professional manner, and to remain courteous in their contributions under all circumstances.

The Members shall refrain from any inappropriate behaviour in their contributions to the platform, such as:

       - insulting or defamatory statements;

       - pornography or paedophilia;

       - encouraging discrimination or violence;

content that constitutes advertising, marketing, selling or spam.

SUEZ reserves the right to delete, without explanation or prior notice, any content that is illegal or contravenes these Guidelines, the General Terms of Use of the Website or SUEZ's Ethical Charter.

The Members shall be responsible for the information they share on the Website.

           b) Privacy and personal data protection

Members' contributions can be seen by all Users of the Website. Members shall be attentive as regards the content of their publications and shall ensure that these publications are not likely to put them in a delicate or illegal situation. Similarly, Members undertake not to disseminate information belonging to third parties without their consent.

Members shall be responsible for the information they share on the Website and shall obtain the authorisations they require to disseminate the personal data of third parties.

Members and Users may send SUEZ personal data via the Website. As data controller, the Website Publisher ("SUEZ SA", as indicated in the General Terms of Use) shall process this personal data in accordance with the applicable personal data protection regulations and the provisions of the Website's Privacy Policy, which can be obtained here .

The Website's Users and Members are invited to refer to the Website Privacy Policy, which is available here to find out about and exercise their rights, and in particular their right to view, correct and delete data, to limit processing and to transfer data.

          c) Confidentiality

Any information shared by a Member on the Website must comply with this Member's obligations of confidentiality and, in particular, his professional obligations.

Members and Users undertake not to transmit confidential information via the Website. SUEZ is unable to guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted via the Website.

3. Intellectual property

The Members undertake not to publish any content that may infringe the intellectual property rights of natural persons or legal entities (including trademarks, copyright, privacy, publicity or other rights) or contractual agreements that they may have with a third party.

In transmitting content via the Website, Members grant SUEZ the non-exclusive, transferable, worldwide right, free of charge, to use, reproduce, distribute, make derivative works from, represent and execute the content as part of its management of the Website. Members grant each user of the Website the non-exclusive right to access their content via the Website. Members warrant and represent that they are authorised to grant the abovementioned rights and shall hold SUEZ harmless against any action or claim relating to the content that they transmit via the Website.

If they publish a contribution on the Website or submit an idea or a project in response to a Challenge, the Members acknowledge and accept that SUEZ, one of its subsidiaries or any other third-party User of the Website may have already begun work on an identical or similar project. The Members accept that this work will go ahead independently of their idea or project.

The fact that a Member contributes a publication shall not grant him specific intellectual property rights.

SUEZ reserves the right not to publish or to delete any content that contravenes any of the rules set forth above without prior notice.

4. Moderation

          a) Post-publication moderation

Comments posted on the Website are moderated before publication. SUEZ reserves the right not to publish any comment that does not comply with these Guidelines, the General Terms of Use of the Website or SUEZ's Ethical Charter, or does not relate to the Website's themes and objectives (see 1.a), without prior notice or explanation.
Users can report any abuse relating to a comment using the alert feature. SUEZ shall take the necessary moderation steps immediately.

Members with open_resource Contributor status can publish articles and documents in the Resource Center and Blog sections directly via the Website or via the open_resource team. These contributions will be moderated before publication. Members can change or delete them by submitting a request to the open_resource team.

5. General

In the cases stipulated by the law, government and legal authorities may have access to both the information saved and the content of the open_resource Website.

Any other question relating to Members' rights and obligations or to statements and content on the Website can be sent to SUEZ using the contact form on the Website.